Happy New Year Facebook Images

Every new year is a fresh start with new opportunities. It is our duty to welcome it in a great way. Make use of these lovely Happy New Year images to share on Facebook and express your new wish to all. These images, greetings, e-cards, wallpapers, messages will be the perfect ones to share with your friends, lover, husband/wife, colleagues on the day of new year.

    I have counted the blessing I have received from your contribution to my life. You can count on receiving more this new year. Happy New Year!

    The new year is a new page in a new book. May you write your life like Hemingway wrote his books. Happy New Year!

    The new year gives you an opportunity reinvent yourself. May you have success in all you do. Take advantage of all the new year offers you.

    My love, you have given me a year of unselfish love and filled the void in my life. I thank you. All I can do is a promise to return what you have given me in the new year. I love you.

    You have made all my new year’s special. Thank you, my love, for being there with me. I love you and have a happy new year.

    The day you came into my life all my new year’s wishes were fulfilled. Thank you, sweetheart, for making my new years better. Happy New year my love, with all my love.

    Browse through all the images in this "Happy New Year Facebook Images" collection and pick the pictures which impressed you the most and share them with your beloved ones to express your wish. We could assure you that these pics, wallpapers, greetings, images, messages will be the perfect ones to welcome the new year in a great way.

    This year my new year’s resolution is to double the love we share and make your life more beautiful than it already is. Happy New year my sweet.

    The words Happy New Year pale in comparison to the love, joy, and beauty you have brought to my life. I will say them anyway because you deserve a great new year. Happy new year sweetheart.

    The words Happy New Year do not do justice in returning to you all that you have given to me this past year. But they are all I have for now. Happy New Year, love.

    How can I say Happy New Year when the love you have shown me covered all my errors. I will say them simply and with heartfelt gratitude- Happy New Year my love.

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