Happy New Year Glitter Images

Find from here the best collection of greetings and quotes to express your new year wishes to your loved ones. Make use of these wonderfully designed Happy New Year Glitter Images to wish all your near and dear ones at the start of the year. Just download and use these wallpapers and pictures in your status or dp to wish your loved ones a year with all positive hopes and smile.

    May the New Year bring your way plethora of opportunities that allow you to weave success stories.

    As the year ends, may all negativity and difficulties end too; may the New Year usher in only all that are positive.

    May the New Year bring in new hopes, newer resolutions and new happiness.

    May the bad times bring in the ray of hope this New Year.

    New Year is not only about changing the dates but the whole direction. May the year be filled with cheer and gaiety.

    Cheers to a New Year coming up! Have an enjoyable one!

    Feel free to share these Happy New Year wishes e-cards with quotes and messages in your timeline and tag your friends in it to wish them for a glittering year. Enjoy using these pics and wallpapers to wish your friends, family, colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister etc., to wish them in a sweet way.

    Forget all the unpleasant experiences of the previous year and look forward to the happy things kept in store for you.

    Compose the greatest story you can for yourself. Open the new book of a New Year and start writing!

    You are a dreamer, and you are a doer. May you perform and achieve bigger accomplishments, with every year bygone. All the best for the New Year.

    As the New Year finds its way through the snowy winter nights, here’s sending you a warm hello and a tight hug! Happy New Year!

    Let there be joy in your homes and warmth in your heart. As the New Year approaches, hope it brings along good tidings and love for you!

    Attain those wings and soar to new heights! Flourish and bloom your fullest this New Year.

    You are on to better times, look past all demotivating causes of your life and strive ahead.

    Nobody can go back in time to change one’s faults or mistakes. So stop thinking about the past, work on the present to make a brighter future.

    Even if every sunset takes away a day from our lives, every sunrise brings with it a new day filled with hopes and opportunities exclusively for us. Utilize each day to the fullest potential.

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