Happy New Year Kiss Images

Romantic collection of Happy New Year greetings images with hugs and kisses are here to share with your loved ones. Express your new year happiness and wishes in a cute way with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or any other special person in your life sharing these beautiful romance filled Happy New Year Kiss images, pictures. Wish him/her the best year ahead filled with more love, more romance and happiness with these greetings.

    Your beautiful sight heals my wounds, your smile cures my ailments, your touch rejuvenates my spirits. All I truly need to face the New Year.

    With you by my side, I know for sure that I shall have a fabulous New Year. You are my Good Luck Charm, my Guardian Angel.

    It is fun to live a life with you. Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together. I love you and Happy New Year!

    No distance could ever keep me from reaching out to you to embrace you, to kiss you and wish you a Happy New Year.

    This New Year God sent an Angel my way to make the world a blissful place for me to be in, and that Angel is You!

    My New Year gift for you: my heart wrapped with love and passion. I hope that you will treasure it for many years to come!

    Cute and adorable collection of Happy new year kiss images to share with your beloved one on this Happy occasion. Have a happy new year wishing all your loved ones using these romantic Happy new year kiss images.

    This New Year I promise to fill each coming day with loving memories to store them in your heart forever.

    No winter wind can keep away warmth from filling up my heart as I look forward to start a brand New Year with you as my love.

    Your love has already made my life a magical one. So, as New Year starts, my humble tribute to you are three simple words - I love you.

    There is very little I can ask from God this New Year as He was kind enough to have sent me the best possible gift already - You!

    I dreamed of someone who would complete me … then one day I opened my eyes to find You stepping into my life making my dream come true. Happy new year, my dear!

    On this New Year’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other, supporting each other through our love.

    This New Year I wish to be the smile on your lips, the wind in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes, the love in your heart - I just want you to keep me close, just as I keep you in my soul.

    This New Year I want to have only one resolution, but one to be kept for life - I promise to love you more and more.

    All I truly wish is to start the New Year in your arms and seal my undying love with a kiss.

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